\"Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!\" - A Heartwarming Tale of Canine Companionship and Kindness

In a world where the love for animals knows no bounds, Long Island-based Maria Dello introduces a charming and enlightening children's book, "Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!" This delightful tale, adorned with easy-to-read text and vibrant illustrations by Dello, invites young readers to embark on an unforgettable journey with Theodor the German Shepherd.

Dogs, often considered our faithful companions, are given a new perspective through Theodor's eyes. With an uncanny ability to articulate his thoughts, Theodor sheds light on the similarities between dogs and humans. "Dogs have needs and feelings. They get hungry and need to go on walks. They also need love and they enjoy making friends. In all these ways, dogs are just like people!" proclaims Theodor, capturing the essence of this heartwarming narrative.

Dello's unique perspective on the bond between humans and dogs stems from her lifelong devotion to these remarkable animals. Growing up on Long Island, she treated dogs as integral members of her family. It was in the gaze of her childhood pet that Maria first thought, "Dogs are people too!" This profound connection and her compassion for animals have fueled her mission to create a better world for them.

"Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!" isn't just a story; it's an invaluable resource for parents aiming to instill a sense of responsibility and compassion in their children as they consider pet ownership. Through the adventures of Theodor, children learn that caring for a pet involves more than just providing food and shelter—it's about understanding their needs and emotions, fostering friendships, and creating a bond built on love and empathy.

Key Features of "Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!":

Easy-to-read text for young readers

Vibrant and captivating illustrations by Maria Dello

Theodor the German Shepherd as a relatable and lovable character

Important life lessons on responsibility, kindness, and empathy

"Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!" serves as a bridge between the human and canine worlds, fostering a deeper understanding of our furry friends.

"Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!" promises to be a cherished addition to every child's bookshelf.

About the Author

Maria Dello is a Long Island-based published author, seasoned nutritionist, and a true friend to dogs. Her roots on Long Island laid the foundation for a deep connection with animals. Maria's childhood realization, "Dogs are people too," inspired a lifelong commitment to improving the lives of dogs. As a nutritionist, she crafts tailored plans to ensure the optimum health of canine companions. Beyond her professional endeavors, Maria dedicates her free time to rescue work and puppy obedience training, embodying her belief that dogs deserve the best.

Maria's commitment to the welfare of animals goes beyond the pages of her book. She envisions a world where dogs are cherished as fur friends with feelings and needs akin to people. With "Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!" Maria hopes to instill empathy and kindness toward our furry companions, encouraging a paradigm shift in how dogs are perceived.